Our top tips for creating engaging content

Our top tips for creating engaging content

As a business owner or manager, we all have times when we know we should post on social media, but can’t think of anything to say! Call it a mind block, or sometimes you might not be seeing the opportunities right in front of you. One good strategy for creating content is to look at what’s trending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The best example today we can think of is of course THE royal wedding (unless you’re trying terribly to avoid the whole thing… We’ll be glued to our screens tomorrow morning, as unashamed hopeless romantics who love a good wedding!).


Now we’re not saying that the royal wedding will be relevant to your business. If it is and you’re a wedding supplier for example, you may already have created new products, services and promotions celebrating this key event. By looking at what news is trending and what people are talking about, it can be easier to gain inspiration. There are programs that allow you to monitor keywords relevant to you, so you can ‘listen’ into and comment on news or photos. Instagram in particular, allows you to follow specific hashtags so anyone using these in their posts will appear in your news feed.

Other than these ‘listening’ facilities, finding out when National and UK Awareness Days are could give you the ‘tit bit’ you need to find a topic to talk about. Here’s some of our highlights for the year ahead…



Pride Month

5th – World Environment Day

9th – Bike Week

15th – National Picnic Week

17th – Father’s Day

20-26th – Recycle Now Week

21st – Summer Solstice/ Longest Day


7th – World Chocolate Day

10th – Don’t Step on a Bee Day


13th – International Left Handers Day (Kate, our MD, is a leftie!)

14th – Afternoon Tea Week

27th – Bank Holiday


Blue September – Fundraising for Prostate Cancer

13th – Roald Dahl Day

17th- 2nd October – British Food Fortnight

28th MacMillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

6th – World Smile Day

9th – Wool Week

31st – Halloween


Vegan Month

‘Movember’ – Raise money for charity by growing a moustache!

5th – Guy Fawkes

11th – Remembrance Sunday: Wear poppies and don’t forget your 2-minute silence!


15th – Christmas Jumper Day


There are of course so many events and days – have a look online and you’ll be surprised how many there are. Don’t forget to support local too. As a Cornish based business, we think of Falmouth Week, Boardmasters and Cornish Pasty Week. There are so many things going on that may well be close to you that you can support and share online. The most important bit is to make sure the content you’re sharing is relevant to your business. If you’re a coffee shop, shout about Afternoon Tea Week. If you run a hotel, B&B or self catered accommodation, how about talking about Bike Week or Picnic Week and recommend some great local spots to explore for guests.

And don’t forget to include a photo or video with anything you share to make your posts more vibrant and engaging.

Good luck!

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