Josy: Your Social Media Guru

Josy: Your Social Media Guru

Name: Josy Daughtrey

Lives: Launceston, Cornwall (but originally from Gloucesterrrrrr)

University: I studied Marketing at the University of West of England.

Experience: I have worked in marketing for a few years now, always working for a business (actually they have all been wedding venues). I studied marketing at University and have been on a lot of social media courses, learning something new each time! I love watching businesses grow and with social media I love how easy it is to track results.

Why did you set up Boost: I think I was 18 when I first applied for the ‘apprentice’, and since then have always wanted to start my own business and work for myself. I have a ‘business-head’ and look forward to the challenge of building something from nothing. I love helping companies succeed and enriching their businesses. So many companies said to me ‘what’s twitter?’ and ‘should I be on Facebook’, this inspired me to set up Boost.

Favourite Social Media: I really like Instagram. I use this a lot on a personal level and really enjoy looking through pictures (everyone who knows me, will warrant that I LOVE taking photos – a trait from my Mother!). Instagram has pictures of everything, beaches, holiay locations (that I wish I could afford), motivational quotes etc. Such a variety of pretty things to look at!

Biggest advice for marketing on social media: My biggest advice for those marketing through social media is to remember: ‘People do not go on social media to buy!’ I see companies who update their status all about sales, sales, sales and surprisingly they don’t get a good response! Posts need to be chatty too!

Facebook or Twitter? Personally I prefer Facebook. I like keeping in touch with friends, being nosey and also letting people know what I am up to. I do go on Twitter occasionally but am not that into celebrity gossip.

In my spare time: What spare time???? When I do have a little bit of time, I love to make a hot water bottle, put a film on and cook a nice meal! If I am feeling a bit more adventurous, we love eating out and trying new foods in local restaurants.

In winter, I love to Snowboard… we (Joe and I) spent a whole winter in Val D’isere, France. There is nothing better then carving down the mountain on a bluebird day listening to my fav songs on my iPod.

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