Joe: In charge of all things business (with a bit of social media thrown in)

Joe: In charge of all things business (with a bit of social media thrown in)

Name: Joe Davis

Lives: Launceston, Cornwall

Education: I went to The University of the West of England and studied Geography, I then went on to achieve a diploma in Social Media Marketing.

Experience: I have mostly learnt my social media skills from playing around with the different platforms. I have always been a bit of a ‘tech geek’ and jumped on the social media bandwagon pretty quickly from the age of about 14. Since then I have been on many different types of social media and know my way around them all pretty well! My diploma in social media marketing (and Josy of course) has given me the skills to put all my knowledge into marketing ideas and businesses on social media.

Why did you set up Boost: I have never really had a career path in mind. I went to university to study a subject I enjoyed, rather than one that would lead me into a particular field. As a youngster, I always felt that I would one day have an idea which would turn into a real business opportunity. With the help of Josy, we have been able to turn the idea of helping small businesses increase their social media presence, into a reality.

Favourite Social Media: Personally I really like Twitter. I was quite late joining Twitter but it is now the first thing I check in the morning! It is so good at keeping you up to date with breaking news, celebrity goss, business offers and what your mates are up to. All in little snippets – which I think is really important. Everything is short and sharp, like a headline for example. Users can then read the whole article if they choose. It is also great for football gossip which, as you will see, is a passion of mine.

Biggest advice for marketing on social media: Have a goal in mind. Social media offers many different responses to tweets/posts. When you do post on social media try and think what are you trying to achieve? Are you looking for people to share/retweet for maximum exposure? Or to click on a link to your website? Or just simply to enjoy your page and get as many ‘likes’/’favourites’ etc. as possible? It is important to think about these things before you post on social media.

Facebook or Twitter? Both of course! They each offer different experiences and are used in different ways.

In my spare time: The world of social media is a 24/7 thing so my spare time needs to be spent well! I’m a huge sports fan and love to play/watch anything really. I play in a local football and table tennis team and also play tennis regularly. In the winter I love to go snowboarding which encompasses another love of mine – travel. I have been to many different corners of the world and love meeting new people and learning about new cultures.

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