Facebook advice from Boost

Facebook advice from Boost

Why your business should be on Facebook

Facebook’s mission statement is:¬†Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected

This is exactly what you should do to help promote your business online. You should share exciting, interesting and engaging content on your business page.

We recommend that you post on your business page EVERY day with varied content. Did you know that pictures get a 3 x higher engagement rate then posts without pictures?

Your profile and content

– Ensure you have your company logo as your profile picture – this will ensure that people recognise your brand instantly and it ill keep with your brand continuity throughout all of your digital marketing

– Your cover picture should be updated on a regular basis and should be ‘grab’ your customers attention. If you have an event, offer or competition then why not make an event banner to go onto your Facebook page?

– We recommend posting online daily, again ensure your content is varied and engaging. Think about it like this… Would you like to read the post if you were one of your customers?

– It is very important to remember that people DO NOT go on Facebook to buy, so don’t sell! Your content should be 80% ‘chatty’ and only 20% ‘salesy’. Think about other topics that you can post about – client meetings, view from your office, your weekly plan, new client meetings etc.

– Think about the ‘correct’ time of the day to post. When will your customers also be online? If your customers are likely to be working 9-5 then post in the evenings, or if your target audience are stay at home mums then posting during the day will be the best time.

– Find local business groups on Facebook and post your product or service every now and again. There are plenty of groups that will be local to you. You will have to post as yourself but it is worth it and it is FREE.

– Look at advertising on Facebook – there are many way how you can reach your potential customers through Facebook advertising.


We can help! Let us know if you would like us to advise on how to market on Facebook or if you would like us to post content for you every day.

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