Do you know your tweets from your hashtags?

Do you know your tweets from your hashtags?

Remember a time when tweeting was just limited to birds? Nowadays it can be easy to forget that not everyone knows what an organic reach is or a hashtag. So we’ve put together a short dictionary of social media terms to help you use these to benefit your business.

Tweet: A post written on Twitter.

Re-tweet (RT): To share a post on Twitter.

Followers: This means that when someone chooses to ‘follow’ you on Twitter, they will see all your status updates and are kept updated with your activity.

Hashtag/ #: By putting this symbol in front of a word or phrase (#), it essentially acts like a key word; it enables search engines on Twitter, Facebook etc, to find what you’ve written. Adding a # can be the difference between a few people seeing your tweet, to hundreds, thousands and even millions of people. But beware, make sure your hashtag is actually being used (trending) and relevant to your business. Adding a # to any random word isn’t as effective if no-one is using it!

This leads onto hashtag hours which are keywords based on location or interest and run for an hour. For example #CornwallHour runs every Wednesday evening between 7:30-8:30pm. For an hour, businesses log on and share their news, photos and offers. Twitter is a great place for local communities and businesses to support each other.

Trending: This can be any popular topic or news that is being shared and talked about on social media. This might be a national day, seasonal, e.g. Christmas, or a breaking news story.

Impressions: This is how many times your post has been seen. People can find your tweets through hashtag hours and from putting hashtags into your tweets. Hashtags are being used more on Facebook and act in the same way as Twitter.

Reach: The number of people who have seen your post.

Mentions: This is when someone adds your business name into their tweet. All of their followers will then see your name and may go on to view your Twitter profile and follow you.

Profile Visits: This is the amount of other Twitter accounts that have clicked onto your main profile page to find out more about who you are.

We hope you’ve found this useful! If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, contact us at or 07854 193992.

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